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Demo Videos

Take a look at the quick videos below to see how Atomic Briefcase can help you do everything better and faster, then click here to get Atomic Briefcase on your team's computers.
Video No. 1: Document Review and Instant Open
Atomic Briefcase makes document review fast and easy. You can scroll through the files you have selected, review them in Atomic Briefcase, and, if you like, open the files in their native application, including PDF files, Word files, emails, video and graphics. (Duration: 16 seconds.)
Video No. 2: Tagging Files
Atomic Briefcase lets you tag files easily, using whatever tags and tag categories you define. You can tag or un-tag all open files in one fell swoop. So fast. And once you tag files, you can find them based on the tags that you have applied. (Duration: 53 seconds.)
Video No. 3: Finding Tagged Files
Atomic Briefcase lets you find documents instantly based on the tags that you and your team have applied during your review of the documents. For example, if you've tagged files for a particular witness or a particular legal issue, you can find those right away, without having to slog through folders, or make copies. Work faster and better than ever. (Duration: 30 seconds.)
Video No. 4: Importing Files
Atomic Briefcase lets you import your files directly into the app. You don't have to send them to some vendor and wait until tomorrow to start accessing your files. Plus, the files you work with Atomic Briefcase are your original files, on your computer. This 30-second time-lapse video shows Atomic Briefcase importing over 300 files in less than two minutes. (Duration: 29 seconds.)
Video No. 5: Mining File Names for Dates and Descriptions
Atomic Briefcase lets you automatically mine file names for dates and descriptions. Plus, once you have the dates and descriptions in Atomic Briefcase, you can sort and find files chronologically, and easily generate exhibit lists. This video shows Atomic Briefcase mining dates and descriptions from over 30 files in less than 30 seconds. (Duration: 1 minute, 14 seconds.)
Video No. 6: Use File Names as Descriptions
Even if you cannot mine the date from a file name, you may still want to use the file name as a description. Atomic Briefcase makes it happen with the push of a button. (Duration: 57 seconds.)
Video No. 7: Finding and Opening Email
Atomic Briefcase makes it easy to find email, whether by sender, recipients, contents or subject line. Plus, Atomic Briefcase lets you open the actual email itself, in its native format, including all attachments. You can also open the email in PDF format. (Duration: 1 minute, 27 seconds.)
Video No. 8: Mining Emails for Dates and Descriptions
Atomic Briefcase lets you mine emails for dates and descriptions after you have imported their contents. You can include the subject line in the description, or omit it. You can also sometimes refine the descriptions to use names rather than addresses. (Duration: 51 seconds.)

Much, Much, Much More

Atomic Briefcase software litigation does much more than is shown in the few videos above. Rather than waiting for more videos — which are coming, by the way — why not simply try it for a month? Click here to get Atomic Briefcase on your team's computers.

Whether you try it now or wait for the videos, you'll see that Atomic Briefcase lets you generate, better and faster than ever, exhibits lists and chronologies, discovery requests and responses, summary judgment separate statements, emails — you name it. Go ahead and try it. Once you use it, you won't want to stop.

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