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Atomic Briefcase was created by trial lawyer Walter Whitman Moore, whose law practice focuses on business litigation.

Moore graduated with honors from Princeton and Georgetown Law, was an Editor of
The Georgetown Law Journal, and has successfully represented clients in state and federal court and in arbitration for over 25 years. (Click here to visit his website,

Moore created Atomic Briefcase because the software available from other companies struck him as being far too cumbersome, slow and unproductive.

Atomic Briefcase has been Moore's "secret weapon" for years, enabling him to perform tasks on his own in hours that took adversaries days or weeks, and required them to spend a fortune on outside consultants and vendors.

After learning that the lawyers in one case were having their clients pay tens of thousands of dollars
per month to perform work that Moore could do in a few hours using Atomic Briefcase, Moore decided to start offering to license his software to others to use.

Atomic Briefcase LLC is located in Pasadena, California. The mailing address — but why in the world would you use mail instead of email? — is 248 S. Orange Grove Boulevard, Unit 102, Pasadena, CA 91105.

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