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Too Much Information. For any given lawsuit, you and your team must keep track of a swirling tornado of facts, emails, documents, testimony, discovery, e-discovery / ediscovery / ESI, case law, statutes, people, and on and on. It's too much information.

Software from a Real Trial Lawyer. The good news is, now you and your team can keep track of all of that information better than ever using software developed by a real trial lawyer for his own use.

Find Files, Take Notes, Connect Dots. Atomic Briefcase lets you and your team import files from your computers, "mine" the file names for dates and descriptions, tag files using whatever tags you like, find files based on their contents or the tags that you've applied, generate exhibit lists, and link notes to documents.

Your Files Stay Put. With Atomic Briefcase, your files stay right where they are now. You don't have to upload them to some new server. Atomic Briefcase keeps track of where your files are on your computers, even if you and your team use DropBox, Google Drive, One Drive, or some combination thereof. And it works on PCs and Macs.

Stop Copying Copies of Copies. You and your team can stop wasting precious time emailing one another files, saving copies of the same documents over and over, or, worse yet, scrambling to find some critical document that you know exists but cannot find. Atomic Briefcase will end the chaos once and for all. You'll love it — especially if you're the person who actually has to keep track of everything now.

Push-Button Discovery and Summary Judgment. Stop wasting time writing, copying and pasting the same text over and over again. With Atomic Briefcase, you just click a button to add one of your objections or responses to a discovery document or summary judgment separate statement.

Push-Button Email. Stop wasting time filling out the same fields over and over again in your email app. Atomic Briefcase lets you save email templates, so you just click on a button, and up pops an email with the repetitive information already filled in.

See It Right Now. Want to see Atomic Briefcase in action without having to schedule a demo? Of course you do! Your time is valuable. So click here to open the "Demo Videos" page for some short videos showing just a few of Atomic Briefcase's many features.

Price Per Month. The price is currently just $150 per user per month, and you pay month to month. There's no long term contract required. Once you start using it, you won't want to practice law without it.

Ask or Order. If you have questions or want a longer, in-person demo via Zoom, click here to email Atomic Briefcase. Otherwise, click here to buy your first Atomic Briefcase license.

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